Laundry Day

Today, I accompanied by husband on the weekly laundry mission.

Felber is the laundry guy. I’ve been known to do it, but I usually end up spending more time and money on the same amount of clothes. Felber’s a cool guy and just rolls with it, and he’s kind of taken on the laundry role in our little household of two.

Sometimes he’ll walk to the smaller laundromat in Aggieville and just do it on his own, but since he’s going back to school, I’ve been playing laundry chauffeur. It’s usually fun.  We cruise around, grab something to eat, visit or play on our phones. Once laundry is done, we just head home (my job in the whole thing is usually to put it away, a task which I fail more times than not).

Tonight was pretty much like any laundry night with a few extra irritations, the first being that the laundry didn’t dry in the first dryer where it spent 48 minutes of its new clean life.  I’ve had that happen before. You put your clothes in and leave, thinking they’ll be nice and dry when you get back, only to find that you found the one bum dryer in the whole place. The argument can be made that one should stay with their laundry (also to avoid laundry thieves), but unless you’re going to stand there creepily caressing your dryer of choice, you’re still not going to know if it’s getting hot or not.

The second irritation was actually pretty funny. I was reading to pass the time when a fellow laundromat-goer pulled up next to us, windows down, rap music blaring. I’m not sure when I got so old, but if I’d had a cane with me I would have got out and poked it at them. It was two guys, young college students if I had to guess. Seriously, what makes people want to blare music loud enough to let the whole neighborhood hear what they’re listening to? I’m not even complaining because its rap. It would have irritated me if it was country or pop. Hell, it would have irritated me if it was a Beethoven.

Besides that, though, it wasn’t bad. Felber and I chilled, grabbed some ColdStone, and finally made it home. Another week to enjoy before laundry day hits again.

Oh yeah, I guess I should put the clothes away now.


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