Sunday’s Little Things

Today, I did a bunch of little things that all added up to a good day.

Normally I pick one aspect of my day to talk about and then find away to rant or rave for an average of 700 words (average based on a guess…I didn’t actually take the time to average my word counts). But today didn’t yield one thing that I could rant or rave about for that long. Truthfully, most Sundays are like that.

So I’m calling this a “little things” post, and instead of going on about one aspect, I’m going to list the things that came together to make today what it was.

1. I made it to the gym. It wasn’t crowded, and I was going after a four day hiatus. It wasn’t that I was inactive for four days, I just hadn’t actually worked out in the gym. Turns out that after four days, even if motivation is low, energy is high. I upped my cardio workout to 45 minutes, during which time I listened to my iPod and watched an episode and a half of Property Virgins.

2. I finished watching Obsessed on Netflix. This turned out to be a very interesting show about OCD. Some of it was disturbing…actually, much of it was disturbing, but I think the subject was handled well.

3.  I realized just how cool Pinterest is. I’ve had the account for over a month and I just wasn’t feeling it. Today, though, it occurred to me that I could “Pin” recipes I find on the internet and receive through email to reference later when meal planning. From there, I started “pinning” knitting patterns and things I eventually want to buy. Making it practical made all the difference.

4. I hung out with friends again, which means my social meter is steadily increasing. Tonight’s gathering was in lieu of our regular gaming night (table top RPG…if you’re going to run, run now) since we didn’t have enough people to actually game. You know those nights when you can just chill out with cool people and talk and never actually have to do anything? This was one of those.

We chatted, we walked to Hy-Vee (short walk but still a minor accomplishment for me) and back, we chatted some more, then we finally realized that it was a quarter to 11 when it only felt like 9.  This proves that sometimes all you need for a successful evening is good conversation.


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