Tooth and Nail

Today, I went to the dentist.

Nothing major happened as it was just a consult. The fun part, with the sharp things and the water the suction and the weird flavors and smells, that all comes later.  This was a picture taking, cost estimating, chatting about teeth good time.

In spite of the snark, it wasn’t really all that bad.

To be honest, I don’t mind the dentist once I’m there. It’s getting there that always seems to be a pain, and even if I do get there, the cost kills me. During my dentist days in OKC, I didn’t have dental insurance, so everything was out of pocket, which means I had to get the minimum necessary. The place I went to, luckily, allowed me to set up a payment plan with post dated checks, so that was a bonus.

I went to a local dentistry a year or so ago and they completely turned me off of ever going back. Considering they were going to be invading a major orifice, I would have liked a little compassion and understanding of my financial situation. Instead, when I told them I had to think about what needed to be done and what was priority because I couldn’t just drop $4000 on dental, they felt the need to continue the hard push.

The place I went to today was another local dentistry, highly recommended and much better. The feeling there was pretty mellow, and the dentist was very up front and honest, but she didn’t push anything on me. She told me what was priority and let me make the decision.  I went ahead and made an appointment for the first part of one of the procedures in two weeks.  The place is so busy, though, they can’t fit me in for the second part until the beginning of December unless someone cancels and they put me on a bump list.

I came out of the office feeling a little depressed because things were a little worse than I thought they were. Luckily, it looks like insurance is going to cover most of what needs to be done, so that’s kind of nice. Once the first procedure gets done, we can move on to the next one.

So yeah, dentist. Good times.



(Note: This was supposed to post last night but I didn’t set the time right for scheduling, so here it is…the next morning).

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