More Fun with Painting

Today, I dragged Felber the Great with me to Salina to go paint pottery.

The original plan was for me to go with SV and Miss P and leave FtG here to hang out on his own,  but the plan changed a little bit.   I was still going to head to Salina anyway to pick up the projects from last time, so I decided to see if Felber wanted to go with me to hang out and give it a try.

When I brought the idea to him a few weeks ago, he sort of gave me a funny look and inferred that painting pottery would not be in his realm of interests. Maybe it was just the lazy Sunday feel, or maybe it was the deal sweetener of lunch at Red Lobster, but whatever it was, he came with me.

I enjoy driving and I enjoy spending time with my  husband, so this was kind of a win win Sunday for me. We got to On the Pot when it opened at 1pm. I picked up my project from last time, but I failed to take a picture and then left it in my car to take to work tomorrow. I’ll be honest…I’m kind of disappointed in it. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it just isn’t really an “Amanda” mug. However, I will use it and I will love it and call it my own.

For today’s project, I decided to paint something non-practical and decorative: a turtle.

Albino turtle needs eyes

I want this little guy to hang out with me at work, along with my mug, my wall of fame/shame, and my other goofy cubicle items. I also kind of want to talk to him and make other people talk to him, but I do need to tread carefully when it comes to my sanity and how other people perceive it.

Felbo picked an alligator. Again, no picture, because I sort of dropped the ball on that one. Once we started painting, I was kind of watching him to see how he was going to do it, and at first I thought he was painting it too dark and that it wouldn’t layer well.  This is my control freak, know-it-all side coming in to play, and I’m glad I shut her down because I would have looked like a total moron.  Felb has taken all sorts of art classes and understands a whole hell of a lot more than I do about painting.

Turns out, his was definitely the more artistic of the two finished products. It had sort of a plushy look to it when he was done because of the perspective and detail and shading he gave it.  Mine looked silly next to his. But it’s the process that counts, and he seemed to have fun, so that was cool. I don’t know if he’ll do it again with  me, but he was eyeing some of the other items there, so maybe I can coerce him into it.

My pre-glaze turtle came out pretty well. It’s definitely a lot neater than my mug was, though I’m not so sure about the cracked out eyes I gave it.

Come on Techno the office we go!

As promised, after pottery we headed to Red Lobster for a late lunch. I’m not a fan of seafood at all. I won’t eat shrimp or anything that looks like it crawled around on the ocean floor, but I can deal with unhealthily cooked battered fish once in awhile, so I went with the fish and chips with the humongous  haddock filet.  I found it delicious and was actually a little disappointed when I got too full to finish more than half of the whole dinner (healthwise, it’s a good sign, but mentally I wanted to consume the heck out of that fish).

It was a nice way to spend a Sunday and relaxing enough that for once I’m not completely dreading the reality of Monday that’s happening in less than 12 hours.



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