Love, Hate, and a SoapBox

Today, I started watching the second season of “The Biggest Loser.”

Over the past weekend, I watched the first season because the whole series came on Netflix Instant View (which I guess I don’t have to call “Instant View” anymore since the company is splitting up, so just Netflix from here on out).  I have such mixed feelings about this show, a sort of television love/hate relationship. A couple years ago I tried watching several back seasons as well as the current season, but I gave up.

I don’t remember what season it was, but it was really annoying me. There was so much drama, more than I’d seen in previous seasons and that’s saying a lot because for a show about weight loss, which is dramatic anyway. The editing and directing staff manages to find every other ounce of drama and brings it hardcore.

There was also constant product placement…constant! I was waiting for them to start pimping toilet paper brands to show which was the softest on your butt when you’re trying to lose weight. After awhile, it seemed apparent that the show was more interested in keeping up with its cash cow than it was with actually helping people lose weight. And as far as that part goes, I know they made an effort later, but the methods weren’t realistic for normal people and yet they always failed to mention that your body won’t normally lose 10 lbs in the third week of weight loss.

For all my “hate,” though, there are some things I like about the show. Besides the fact that it’s TV crack and highly addicting, I like seeing the progress of people who lose weight, I like watching them workout because it motivates me to keep going to the gym, and…I’ll admit it…while I hate the drama, I also love the drama.  And I cry alot, especially during those times when people get to talk to their families. For whatever reason, whenever that happens on a reality show, I go Niagara Falls from the tear ducts.

Another opinion I’ve found to be fairly unpopular? I love Jillian Michaels and totally dislike Bob Harper.  My perception of Bob is that he finds a way to make everything about him. Jillian is psycho, but she gets results and I think she does things more for the contestants’ benefit than because she wants to make new friends.

I’m going to power through and see how long I can get before I give up or throw a weight on the ground in protest.


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