It’s Kind of Like Stripes

I took the hat that I’m knitting for J. Felbs on our trip last weekend and managed to get a good chunk of it done. The pattern is called Trekking. It’s by Woolly Wormhead and can be found on Ravelry, and I apologize for not linking but I can’t get the site to load (this is my computer’s fault, not the site).

I had the two skeins of Peruvia from Yarn Hop, but I started getting paranoid that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the hat (it’s 20 inches long before you even get to the crown shaping).  So I picked up some discounted baby alpaca at The Yarn Store and More and started adding it in. J is fine with the different colors and textures.

I really like the contrast. I know some knitters would find it sloppy (as would they also find the different shaped stripes, but I’m happy with it and I love knitting with the baby alpaca.

My goal is to finish both this and my BIL’s sweater* before the end of April, so FO updates may be a reality very soon.

*I do realize that knitting a wool hat and sweater right before the summertime seems kind of silly, but the brightside is that if I finish them now, the guys will have them for next winter. Justified.

2 thoughts on “It’s Kind of Like Stripes

  1. The stripes are ‘asymmetrical.’ And don’t worry about what other knitters think- YOUR knitting is all about YOU! Ok, maybe you and the person you are knitting for.

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