Ladies’ Night

Tuesday night, I took another step away from social anxiety and went to the local Ladies’ Night Out event at the Clarion hotel.

I remember my friend going last year, and at the time I didn’t have the energy or the desire to go. This year I’m wanting to get out more and do different things, partially for the experience, partially because I’m liking being more mobile now, and partially because it’s more practice for all the walking I’m going to be doing at GenCon this year.

The event was fun. There are a lot of feminine things I don’t get excited about*. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t use hair products or style my hair,** I like jewelry but only minimally, and I don’t use much traditional home decor.  But while there were booths for all those things, there was a lot more I wasn’t expecting.

I spun a wheel at the booth for my credit union and won an umbrella. I got a free coffee mug from the food sample booth provided by the hotel. I entered drawings to win a free year’s membership at my gym, a sewing machine, a Scentsy shopping spree, some purses, a slow cooker, a stamp kit, and a swanky electric toothbrush.  I picked up some recipes and sampled milk from a local dairy and found out where Britt’s Farm is so I can go get some honey and Mexican vanilla and maybe do a hay ride this coming fall.

I got to visit with people and have a glass of wine. I even booked a catalog party for Thirty-One, which sells all kinds of different bags. I have my eye on a couple things, so I thought “what the heck?” and went for it.

We didn’t win any door prizes, but I still had a great time and may even go again next year.

*I love my femininity, but I also have a lazy streak, and decorating or putting on makeup doesn’t fit into my life strategy.

**When I keep it short, I’m lucky enough to have wash and go hair. This may be one of the best things that God/Nature/Science has given me.

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