Saturday Morning Garage Sale Trip

I hadn’t planned to go to any garage sales this past weekend, but Friday night I got a text from KR asking me if wanted to go Saturday morning. Though getting up at six in the morning wasn’t all that appealing, I do love a good sale, and I knew J. Felbs was going to sleep in, so I decided to take her up on the offer.

We got rolling around 7am with a stop at Starbucks for some much needed caffeine. KR already had our route mapped out and she drove, so I got to chill as the passenger.*  She also had two empty boxes waiting to fill up with sale goods.  The woman is prepared!

I got a little overzealous at the first one and bought books. I don’t actually need books. I have an eReader with all kinds of them, and we’ve been trying to keep our book collection to a minimum to make storage and moving easier. But with that first sale came some nostalgia from the days when my mom and I used to go crazy over a box full of books. So I bought three and wondered later what I was thinking. I bought them, so I’ll read them, and then I guess I’ll pass them on to someone else.

I also bought some yarn. I don’t need more yarn, but I’ll do something with it, even if I just ball it up and donate it somewhere. One bag had yarn and tools,  some scissors, and this weird circular knitting tool that I’ve seen but have never tried to use.

Other good finds: two smallish rubbermaid storage totes, a small stainless steel pot.

Other questionable finds: A travel Scrabble game, questionable because I don’t know how often I’m going to talk J. Felbs into playing with me; a knockoff Coach bag, questionable because now that I think of it, it’s a good knockoff and someone might try to steal it with all my stuff in it;** a corkscrew and a set bottle stoppers, questionable because I don’t drink wine much, but I love the idea of having those tools on hand for when I’m in the mood.

There were a few other things too, buys that I’m not remembering at this very moment, but I’m sure they were awesome.

The haul was good and the day was fun. There was one moment when I thought we’d have to halt the sales due to KR locking her keys in her vehicle, but it all worked out.

I found out that even if you don’t purchase anything, an intense session of sale hopping makes for good exercise. I know this partially because I logged the same amount of steps I do on a normal day + gym trip in just four hours, and partially because of how sore and exhausted I was for the rest of the day.

Which means that as long as I can limit myself to buying things I need, I can definitely use it as an excuse for some extra exercise throughout the summer.***

*I’m not a good passenger normally. I have a control issue and would rather be the driver, but once in awhile and with certain people I’m fine on the other side.

**I know this could be misplaced paranoia, but I know that some people will go to great lengths to get a purse they think is valuable.

***I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up as well as I did and even choosing to walk longer distances at some of the sales.

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