Spam Health Advice

Another funny spam comment popped up in my filters the other day. It’s not funny “haha.” It’s more funny in the “hey, that’s kind of relevant to me” way.

This case is bothering me. If anyone is capable of answering this question, then I would be very grateful :) So what do you think ? How many drinks containing Aspartame can you safely consume each day? Thanks for constructive answer :)

The post that this attempted infiltrate was about a knitting project, so nothing with any relevance to aspartame. However, I find it fitting because I have a somewhat rocky and sordid past with aspartame.

I was a diet soda drinker for years, so much so that regular soda tasted really gross. I realize that neither one is considered good for you by the experts, so let’s skip that whole train of thought. The truth is…and my fellow soda lovers will agree…the stuff is hard to give up! But as most of us big gals at one time were told, diet soda is at least better to drink because it has no calories.

Scientists will tell you that this is not true. Dieticians will tell you this is not true. I’m not going to tell you anything other than that this wasn’t true for me, because a few years back I realized I was having a bad reaction to aspartame.

It makes me hurt. It makes my joints sore and my back stiff, and it makes it hard for me to move.  I was told several years ago that aspartame intolerance mimics fibromyalgia symptoms. I immediately did the whole thing where I said I was sure that was true, but it hadn’t affected me so obviously I didn’t have this mysterious intolerance.

Thanks to karma, I developed one later on.

I know that pain can be relieved with exercise and weight loss,* but even before I got into a routine, I found that giving up aspartame made me feel much better.  It was easier to exercise and move in general. My chiropractor found a sensitivity in my lower back that went away within a couple weeks of giving up diet soda.

So dear spammer, how much is too much? For me, a full can of diet soda would be too much, but I have been known to try something with aspartame just out of curiosity.** Of course now that I don’t drink it, I can taste it right away and it’s become the grosser tasting alternative to sugar. Once in awhile I’ll have something sweetened with sucralose, but if I’m going to drink something sweet, I’m going to go the sugar route. And I’ve even cut way back on that for my own sense of well being.

But hey, if you can drink the diet stuff with no ill effects, I say more power to you. Drink one for me!

*In my case, I wouldn’t even count weight loss as a factor. I’ve lost a little bit in the past year, but not enough to really consider it relevant. Then again, I don’t do scales for personal reasons, so who knows?

**The most recent thing I tried was Pepsi Next. Still too much aspartame. Bleh.

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