Sittin’ and Sweatin’

Last Friday morning (against my first choice of just staying home) I took the Sit and Be Fit class at my gym.

Pic from via Google Images
My endurance is still not great, and even though it’s improving, it’s improving slowly.   I can take the Zumba Tone class if I sit down every so often, but I was excited to try a class where sitting was part of the deal. I figured I’d have a different sense of accomplishment in getting through the whole class, and  even though I won’t be able to take the class on a regular basis, I was hoping to get some ideas for home and travel exercise sessions.

I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy class,  but knowing something and experiencing it are two different things.

The class started at 10 and  I was the youngest person in there. There were several other men and women, most of whom were clearly regulars. There was a rapport between the instructor and the others in the class that was really comforting.

Though I had nothing to add to the conversation, everyone was really nice. Many of the women approached me and introduced themselves and chatted with me, asking if I was going to come back on a regular basis. One woman even helped me with my ankle weights due to some flexibility issues and just general unfamiliarity with the things.

As for the workout, one might not think chair exercises are going to be intense, but this workout kicked my tail. In some areas, the chairs were optional, so there was still a lot of standing and moving around. The instructor incorporated walks down the hall into the routine, and I came in on a day where the focus was lower body. It was low impact, but effective, and I felt it the rest of the day.

I’m going to recommend this first to anyone with mobility problems, because it really is a good workout for anyone with limitations. I’ve heard of these classes before, so I’m guessing there are other places they’re held. Having said that, I think it’s a good workout for anyone. This includes people who kick it with hardcore classes because it’s something different, it’s low stress on the joints, and it’s inspiring. During the aforementioned rapport, some people talked about how they no longer had knee pain since taking the class, and one woman who had previously used a walker to get around could now walk without one.

My work schedule doesn’t allow me to take this class regularly. However, I do get a Friday off every once in awhile, and if I’m in town, I definitely plan on taking this one again.

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