Love Notes from Spam

First, thank you and welcome to the new followers I have. This goes out to fellow bloggers who have followed me for awhile as well as the ones who checked out my last post.  I tend to be kind of self focused, but I’m glad you stopped by and I hope to get to know you all a little bit better by following your blogs.

One of the spam comments I got recently was actually sweet and thought provoking. It would have been sad and/or more poignant if it had come from someone in my past:

eventhough WE in two different places in our life i wonder where we would be if we stayed together

I think many people wonder this same thing, for better or for worse. Usually in relationship to another person. But this heartfelt line was sent to me from Gateway Battery. So my response:

Oh, Gateway Battery. I remember you. We were only together a short time before you stopped giving me what I needed. I’m sorry we parted ways, but I couldn’t work with you anymore. I had to move on. I’d hoped you could find someone else, someone who could get you going again…who could revive your life and energy. I hope you found that person. As for me, I’m currently seeing a Toshiba battery, and so far things are going well. But I’ve been tricked before, and I’m sure he’s only one in a long line of computer batteries I’ll have in my lifetime.

In another comment, In Klinefelter asks:

Would you be fascinated with exchanging links?

I’m not sure if this is the right use of the word “fascinated.” Unicorns are fascinating.  Exchanging links? Not so much. Thanks, but I’ll pass. Going to go be fascinated by some video games. Or a sandwich.

Maybe spam isn’t really spam. Maybe it’s a series of love letters from the universe. Deep thoughts for the day.

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