Longest Week Ever

That’s an exaggeration. There have been plenty of long weeks, but it’s always the current one that feels neverending.

I have no idea what it was about this one. Maybe it was because I was sick through most of it. Maybe it was because work, which is usually super busy, was slow due to staff conference last week. It could also be just general excitement for the weekend, with a trip to Topeka and house sitting being much looked forward to highlights.

The worst part is that by Friday on a regular week I’m fried. Words start to blend together. I have no attention span. Mistakes are made easily and frequently. So on a week that seemed to take up 80 hours instead of 40, this is only magnified. Then that last hour is a killer. The last hour before the start of a weekend or a day off crawls along at a frustrating pace.

The urge to leave early increases. The circle of work is coming to its close, and the last stretch is the hardest. But that first breath of weekend air as you step out those front doors?

Completely worth it.


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