Closer to the Golden Years

Today was Jon’s birthday. He still hasn’t broke 30, which sometimes makes me feel old but since aging doesn’t actually bother me, it’s not a “thing.” The only time it was a thing was when the lady at Great Clips thought I was his mother. Then it was mostly just a funny thing. At least I thought so.

It was a pretty low key birthday today because we did some early celebrating over the past two weekends. We hit up Sonic after work to celebrate National Hot Dog Day with some weiners that aren’t currently trending on Twitter (plus they were a buck a piece, so dinner was insanely cheap).  Then we cruised over to Baskin Robbins to redeem Jon’s free birthday scoop coupon. I got my own scoop too: a serving of Maui Brownie Madness frozen yogurt.  It’s a good thing we’re not within walking distance of a BR. 

As far as our night on the town, that was pretty much it. At home, I watched the last few episodes of Hoarders: Buried Alive on Netflix and used commercial breaks to do some of my own housecleaning. The living room is looking pretty spectacular right now, the laundry is gathered, the bed is made, and I feel like I accomplished something. 

I’ve since moved on to Animal Hoarders for background noise. From what people have told me, this is more disturbing than the other hoarding shows. I may or may not get through the whole series. 

I’m hoping for some thunderstorms tonight.  


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