A Not-So-Lazy Sunday

There was a hot moment this morning where I thought maybe we’d take a little trip to yet another zoo, but by then it was almost noon, and the zoo I had in mind should probably be visited as part of a larger day trip.  I also decided that slowing down for a day might be a good idea. It was. Instead of taking an adventure, we stayed at home. Mostly. There was one trip outside to go to the grocery store to get some stuff for lunch and dinner, but other than that, we were home dwellers today.

However, it wasn’t a lazy day. I have developed a slight fear to being completely inactive, which is why I’m usually excited to get out and do stuff. So when we do decide to stay home, I still have to find something that will keep me moving. We decided to use today to clean our bedroom and purge all kinds of stuff from our closet.  Using some UfYH mojo, we worked in twenty minute time frames of cleaning and organizing, using the time in between to read and play on the computer.

There is now a pile of things to take to Goodwill sitting in our living room, but we have a clean closet. We didn’t finish the full cleaning process, however. There are still some dresser drawers that need organizing, a shelf that needs emptied, and a snake tank that needs to be cleaned and sold on Craigslist. But we made a lot of progress. Future projects will be to finish the bedroom, do some deep cleaning on the kitchen and bathroom, and then finally get back to the second bedroom, which will probably start being storage as we continue to pack and purge before our eventual move.

Besides being productive and finishing a book, it really was a great day to be in the apartment. It’s been raining all weekend and the rain and cooler temperatures have made this place comfortable to be in, so we’re taking advantage of it. Also, I woke up with some back spasms this morning, so I think a rest day was in order.  We’ll be changing up our weekly plans starting this week, so I believe this will mean more time at home, but I think it’ll also mean more after-work gym sessions. I’m kind of looking forward to that, as long as I can keep doing the fun walking things on weekends and some nights of the week.

On a final sad note, I found out today that Kid Kraddick died this weekend. I didn’t know him personally, but I did listen to him almost every morning on the way to work for the past five years, up until about six months ago (we changed to classic rock for a change of pace).   I didn’t always agree with Kid Kraddick, but the morning show was usually hilarious, and I thought the charity work they did was wonderful.  When I saw the news of his death, I was shocked, probably more shocked than I generally am over big name celebrity deaths. So RIP, Kidd Kraddick. The world and all its radio won’t be the same without you.


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