Ready to Crash

I’m not feeling up to a long post tonight, so it’s probably good that nothing exciting happened.

I hit Walgreens on my lunch to pick up a few things and tried an iced Starbucks coffee because it was on sale. I bought the low calorie kind. It was okay. Sucralose doesn’t hurt me like aspartame does, but I’m not a fan of the artificial sweetener taste, so next time it’ll be a regular one. If there is a next time.

I finished “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” at the gym and started “Jackie Brown.”

I forgot to go to Goodwill.

We’re going to try frozen meal lunches for the rest of this week. Sandwiches aren’t cutting it.

I had plans to do all sorts of things, including watching Coursera videos and handling some things I’ve been procrastinating, but I’m tired, and all I want to do is shower and curl up with my eReader and read a good book. So that’s what I’m going to do.  But, so you don’t feel like this was an entire waste of a blog, here’s a classic video for you to watch.


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