Baby Got Back Issues

I wrenched my back last night, so getting up this morning didn’t happen in the usual fashion. I had to doctor myself and take some painkillers just to walk right, so the work day got a late start.

My back was tender all day, but it felt okay when I walked, as long as I took it easy. However, I apparently have a problem giving myself a rest. We went geocaching after work with the intention of just doing a couple quick park and grabs. The first one posed a walk, but it was an easy one, and that was okay since I wanted the exercise.

Later, however, I threw caution to the wind and went on another rough terrain trek. Didn’t find the cache, and I just exhausted myself.

So now I’m at home, getting ready to pass out. I’ll have pics from our found cache tomorrow, since it was a really pretty area we didn’t even know existed. I started the test run on the digi-cam, but I just don’t have it in me to turn on the lappy tonight.

I should have other pics too, as long as I can move in the morning. If I can’t, all plans will null, and then I’ll have a Netflix marathon. In all honesty, I really do need to take a full evening of rest. I like pushing myself, but I need to be smart about it. The plan is to take this Monday night to just rest and sleep. Tuesday will be mostly driving, and then starting Wednesday…no rest for the wicked.

But for now, I sleep in hopes of much activity tomorrow.


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