Draggin’ Butt and Takin’ Names

For most of the day, I felt tired and kind of sad. It wasn’t really depression, it was more like a general “down” mood with a few tears caused by reading or hearing emotional things.  I was tired, but I think the sad mood was helping that along. I also thought that I might be getting sick, but I think it’s just allergies. At least I hope it is. Twitter informed me that at least two people I follow who attended Gen Con have con crud. I suppose mine could be late onset, but I hope not.

The day improved after lunch. I had meetings, but they all went well. I’m not a person who likes meetings just for the sake of having meetings, but I like it when things get accomplished.   We also got some scheduling stuff figured out, and that makes me happy because it’s more consistent now and allows for some extra evening time, at least for the time being. There have been some other changes at work that have made me happy. I came back to a couple pleasant surprises, so for now, I’m feeling pretty “okay” on the job front.

Trying to figure out what we were going to do for exercise was a pain in the butt, but we finally settled on the mall.  It was too hot to walk outside, and we’re trying to get three days in at the gym and then three days doing a Couch to 5K program each week. We finally figured we could do our first C25K day in air conditioning at the Town Center, and so we did.

I’m calling this first C25K Phase 1, because I’m not going anywhere near jogging or running. Instead, we alternated walking normal speed with a faster pace of walking.  In hindsight, it wasn’t so bad. Thirty minutes went by relatively quickly, and there weren’t many people at the mall, so we were able to walk around easily. But that’s in hindsight. While we were actually doing it, it felt hard! I know it’s just walking, but it’s definitely faster and more advanced than I’m used to. Intervals, man…I was sweating! At the same time, it was fun, and I’m kind of excited about finishing the program and seeing how much I improve over the next few months.

Phase 2 will be continuous improvement and possibly some running. We’ll see. My default reaction to any sort of running program is that I’m just too big to do it, but then I read stories about big people who run, and I figure it’s not impossible. I think after we finish this one, we’ll try to do the Zombies Run program, just to keep it exciting.

We stopped and grabbed a geocache on the way home. I finally finished putting away the laundry before dinner. After dinner, we retreated to the back room, turned on some air conditioning, and played a couple games of Trains. We’ll break out some of our other games soon, but I didn’t have the brain power tonight to learn something new.

The night is now winding down, so it’s off to shower and sleep in hopes of tomorrow being a little more energetic.




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