Gen Con Day 3: Plan Changes and Becoming a Zombie

After the super late night on Friday, it was tough getting out of bed on Saturday, so we ended up getting a late start. After discussing some options, we decided to change up our plans. We returned some game tickets and took the opportunity to spend more time in the dealer’s room. This time, however, we made a plan. So instead of walking around wherever, we actually mapped where we were going.

We headed back to the computer game demo room so Jon could finish his punch card and enter a drawing for an iPad. Once it opened, we headed to the dealers room. Our organized plan worked well. We demoed some games early and kind of inventoried the things we wanted to buy on Sunday, comparing our wants to our budget. It was kind of a sad comparison.
100_1825 100_1827

Dungeon Roll
Dungeon Roll
 One stop we made was at the Albino Dragon Games booth. I like their art and kickstarted one of their alt art decks. We learned a game and bought a coin and the gave us a free carrying bag. Such nice guys!
Lunch was a good opportunity to rest, and I needed it. Day 3 was definitely kicking my butt. Once we ate, I sent Jon back into the craziness and I rested a little bit longer.  I finally let some other con-goers have my seat, and we did one more demo at the AEG booth before finding a place to sit and discuss our plans. The truth was that we were exhausted and the evening events we’d been looking forward to, like our morning events, just didn’t sound worth the wait. So we turned the rest of our tickets in for system credit (head start on next year) and hung around the center long enough to get some more cosplay pictures and see the costume parade.
While I was turning in tickets, Jon got mobbed and turned into a zombie. I was turned shortly after. We ended the day as zombies and managed to tag a few humans before we left the convention center. We knew that was the end of our playing that game, so we found some little zombies (a group of kids between five and maybe ten) to pass our darts off to. They were thrilled! I hope they leveled up before the con was over.
We did get to see the whole costume parade this year, and it was well worth hanging around for. The batteries in my camera lasted long enough for me to get a video from a pretty decent vantage point.

.On the way to the car, Jon noticed that several of the Pathfinder posters had been “vandaleyes-ed.”

100_1846 100_1847 100_1848 100_1849 100_1850

 Back at the hotel, I had to adult for a bit to pay bills and verify that we’d have enough money to buy the games we’d decided on. With the extra swag coming home between us and our trip mates, we also needed to do some creative packing for the ride home. The evening was spent uploading pics and recharging from all the craziness.

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