Fro-Yo and Grave Encounters

We kicked the weekend off with frozen yogurt. Jon went with his coworkers and picked up a cheesecake/coffee/mint flavor concoction for me. The good thing was that it was delicious. The bad part was that with a stomach full of dairy, I didn’t think our planned C25K workout was a good idea.

Even though missing yesterday’s workout made me cranky, I still apparently like to play loose and fast with our goals.

We did go geocaching to kill time until our various evening plans. Our first stop was a rocky slope on the Linear Trail. We couldn’t find it at first, but then Jon put on his walking shoes and tried again. He finally found it, but I thought there was going to be some falling on rocks.

He also found the second one which was close but more urban.

From there, I dropped him off for Friday Night Magic, and I went to hang out with friends. We watched Grave Encounters, one of my top found footage films, ate pizza, and chatted.

Before coming home, I picked Jon up and we tried to find some more geocaches, but had no luck. We think we know where one was, but it involved reaching through spiders in a scenario straight out of “It.” That wasn’t happening.

It was a fairly mellow day overall. Tomorrow we have nothing we have to do, so we’ll be geocaching and exploring. We’re planning to get both our walking training in and our gym visit. I’m sure tomorrow evening will be a tired one.


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