Uneventful Monday

Nothing of note happened today. Work was okay. My Lean Cuisine pizza for lunch was disappointing.

We did our third day of the week for C25K at the mall. Neither of us wanted to, but we did it anyway. Like the horrible traffic and the slow pedestrians on their cell phones, the increase in mall activity was a reminder that school is back in session.

I’m glad we got the walk in though. It means all fitness goals have been met this past week.

Made a pit stop at the library and then to get gas before heading home. We were both exhausted, so no geocaching. I killed some zombies when we got home and am trying to get the energy to do 20 minutes of housecleaning. I want to make it a daily habit to combat my laziness. But the heat in our apartment makes most things harder to deal with.

The only other thing of note is that we changed our weekend plans and will not be doing our juice fast. If we did, it would mean more time in this stuffy apartment. Plus, we’d rather go out and do things than fast, so that’s the plan. Not sure what we’re going to do, but we’ll find something.

On that note, maybe it’s time to give the AC another chance.


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