Getting Back into Alignment

It was a pretty rough Monday morning. Yesterday was spent mostly sleeping, so this morning I had that “too much sleep” hangover. I was also still sore. I might not have been so sore if I had pushed myself to go take a walk at some point yesterday, but that didn’t happen, so whether it would or would not have helped, I was still sore most of today. My back was in knots, so I hobbled more than walked. Luckily, the work day was good. It stayed busy enough to pass quickly, but not so busy I couldn’t get stuff done.

After work, I went to the chiropractor for an alignment. My regular doctor wasn’t in, so I saw one of the other doctors there. They’re both really good, so I didn’t mind, and I didn’t want to wait three days considering how jacked up I felt. Like magic, when the doc was done, I felt about ten times better. I still have some residual and alignment soreness, but everything was loosened up so I could at least walk normal again.

I picked Jon up and we went to the library to renew a book. While there, the message on the dashboard came on saying my oil was low. I had him check, and sure enough, we were getting dry. So we took an unplanned trip to the quick lube to get that taken care of. I was due for an oil change anyway. In fact, I was overdue. I tend to look at the dashboard stats, which isn’t always the best idea, since the percentage on the dashboard doesn’t necessarily take into account all the driving we’ve been doing. So technically, I was about a thousand miles past (one mark against my attempts at full adulthood).

Luckily, there wasn’t a leak, and the change was done in ten minutes, probably less. The guy at the front desk there reminds me of Michael Cera. He’s really friendly, and they’ve always done good work for me. Eventually I’ll have to take the car somewhere for a major tune up, but for now, these guys have been quality.  So yeah, it changed our plans a little bit, but nothing drastic. Also, Monday afternoon seems to be a great time to get an oil change.

For exercise tonight, we decided to walk the mall. I’ve been wanting to walk outside, but it was raining and I didn’t want to get caught in a downpour. Also, since I’d just been to the doctor, I had to take it easy, so we didn’t do any zombies or C25K, we just kind of strolled around the mall. We had a pretzel snack, and we stopped in one of the stores we’ve never visited. It’s a food store that sells kitchen items but also all kinds of teas and coffees and little snacks, as well as candles in the back room. I tried some roasted chestnut coffee, and we bought some wafer cookies to try.

At home, I worked on some projects. Now that Tengaicon is over (the event portion of it anyway), I feel a little bit more relaxed about handling some other things. Current projects include Tengaicon follow up, editing my friend’s book, and getting through a Coursera course. After I finished the first one, I haven’t put much time into any more and have dropped several of them. I kind of want to do this one, though I’m going in knowing that I probably won’t finish with a certificate. I’m going to read the excerpts and watch the lectures, but I’m not much of a message board person, so I doubt if I’ll get full credit.

I also put away laundry and debated picking up my knitting needles, but decided against it. Might take some knitting to BOW this coming weekend, but just not ready to get into or finish a project. I still feel like I accomplished something tonight. Tomorrow is a gym day. This week we can meet one of our goals, but with BOW happening, we won’t meet both. Unless I count the walking I do there, which I might, especially if I do the mini-walk. But as a couple, we’re taking it easy and just focusing on one.

But now…bedtime.


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