Tea and Walks and Things in Quotation Marks

Deadlines make me productive, and this week at work has been no exception. I’ve been kicking tail on getting things done. Today, when things deviated from the norm with a meeting and luncheon, my brain still recovered fairly well, and I “swallowed some frogs” at the end of the day.

I picked Jon up and we debated whether to go to the gym or go grab something to eat first. We decided on food, because even though we’d had a big lunch, I was feeling hungry.  Chinese was our first choice, but I realized we hadn’t had McAllister’s in awhile, and I had a craving for their chopped savannah salad. It didn’t disappoint.  Also, I love their iced tea. Even with the weather getting cooler, I’m still craving it.

Since we were in the area anyway, we walked to Dick’s Sporting Goods and looked around. Our goal was to price out some handheld GPS units, but they didn’t have any. We’d originally meant to look for walking sticks as well, but completely forgot about that. We don’t necessarily need a stick for the act of walking; we mainly want one to poke at things when geocaching. It seems like a better idea than sticking our hand into unknown places and risking getting bit by critters. We’ll have to go back tomorrow and check again, or maybe hit Target or Wal-Mart.

When we had no luck with GPS units, we walked to Best Buy. They had one unit, but it cost more than we want to spend. Not that we need to buy one right now anyway, but it looks like when we are ready, we’ll probably buy online. I don’t want anything fancy at this point, just something that won’t run out of battery power within a few hours.

Our next stop was the gym, but there were a lot of people there. Sometimes that’s not an issue, but sometimes we just don’t feel like dealing with a crowd. On the fly, we changed our plans and decided to walk the rec center track. I don’t know why, but the track kicks my butt, yet I kind of want to “own” it. I also wanted to do some more experimenting with the Zombies Run app, and the time of day was perfect.

The walk was good. I had no ankle pain, no back pain, and I didn’t tire out. I did walk slow to pace myself, but that was because I thought at some point I’d have to pick up the pace to “run” from zombies. That didn’t happen. I can’t figure out what the deal is, but I don’t think the accelerometer on my phone is working right. Either, that, or I was just legitimately walking too slow. I’m going to do some more playing around with it. Eventually I’ll get some encounters. However, just listening to the playlists and story line is fun and makes the walk bearable. I do need some more music, though.

We got home late, so I did some things on the computer, watched a documentary, and finished The Emperor’s New Groove. I prepped my backpack for this weekend’s geocaching adventure, too, so that’s one less thing I’ll have to do tomorrow night.  Can’t wait for the weekend to find some caches and explore some more of Kansas.

But for now…it’s shower time.




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