Finally Friday and Unplanned Events

I was hoping for a mellow day today at work. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t intense, but I was given a low dose of stress fairly early in the day. It didn’t help that I woke up not feeling well, the side effect from what may have been bad yogurt.

Things were better by the end of the day. Jon and I went to the gym, and after I dropped him off for Friday Night Magic, I went over to Terry and Erica’s place to hang with the kids while they covered Aggiefest.

Kids in general kind of scare me, but I like these ones. They’re sweet and well behaved. We ordered pizza, and I attempted to teach all of them to knit. Only one of them seemed to like it, though another one figured out some creative uses for a knitting needle and some yarn.

Jon showed up later. We got home late, but we’re still planning our geocache day tomorrow before we both go hang with the kids again. Our RPG game for Sunday was canceled, so the plan is to find more Manhattan caches that day.

Currently looking at 6 hours of sleep before GeoTrek: Mission to Break 100 happens. Good night!


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