Caches and Kids

Our geocaching adventures were awesome today, and we got halfway to our weekend goal, which means as long as we keep that pace tomorrow, we’ll have completed a successful mission.

I’m not giving details in this post, though, because I’m giving the day its own write-up, complete with pictures. The plan had been to publish that tonight, but I didn’t bring my laptop, and I’m fairly sure I won’t be up for blogging when I get home.

The evening with the kids has been fun. They seriously crack me up. I let Jon take the lead tonight, and they all played some Munchkin while I crocheted a ruffle scarf for one of the girls (I finished one last night for the other one).  I went and picked up dinner, and now everyone is full and relaxing with various computer games and Cars 2.

We’re planning for another late night and early morning, so I anticipate crashing hard tomorrow night. We need to go to the gym tomorrow to get our three days in for the week, so that should help in getting a pretty good sleep before the work week begins again.

Now to chill for the evening.


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