Sunday Down Time

It seems like it’s been a really long time since we had a lazy Sunday, so I didn’t feel too bad about taking it easy today. I was up before Jon, but I still slept until about 9:30. I watched a movie and did some knitting.

We decided to order delivery, then got sucked into watching several episodes of Parks & Recreation. Since we had gaming this evening, we finally left the house in the afternoon to grab some geocaches beforehand. We found three.

We were a little late to gaming because we had to print new sheets and because the road construction near Aggieville is horrible. The game was good though. I did some more knitting while my character smashed spiders with a giant hammer.

We went to the gym afterwards, which means we met both our goals this week. I even got that extra day, so I did a light workout. The ball of my foot is bothering me, and that worries me because it’s in the same area that wouldn’t let me walk when I dislocated my toe. I’ve had some issues with it since then, but all day today it felt bruised and tender when I wiggled my toe. I’m assuming I bruised it in the corn maze yesterday.

I’m also having a hip problem, but the pain only happens when I stand up from sitting for a bit. Thinking I might have to see my chiro this week about that.

We had Subway for dinner, though I tried something new this time. They have a chicken cordon bleu melt and it was pretty delish.

Work tomorrow, but I’m off Tuesday to pick up my mom from the airport and take her halfway to my grandma’s in Oklahoma. Then we’re going the full way to pick her up over the weekend. It’ll be a lot of driving, but spending time with my mom will be worth it.


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