Rain and Headaches

There’s not too much to talk about tonight. I haven’t felt well all day, but based on the rain, my guess is that the headache and sore throat are a result of the weather change.

Work stress today: 5, but mostly because I got in late.

Though we talked about a few different options for exercise tonight, we ended up grabbing dinner and coming home. This is going to be a light week anyway. I don’t anticipate actually meeting either of our goals this week, but I think we’re due for a rest.  I’m not going to be a complete lump, but I am going to take it down a notch, then kick it back up next week.

I used the evening to play around with the UfYH app I bought today and finally felt like I accomplished something. I definitely need to utilize that more.

Calling it a night so I can get up early and go pick up my mom tomorrow. I hope the rain exhausts itself tonight and I get a good driving day.


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