Airport Hijinks and Long Drives

Yesterday involved a lot of driving, but it was worth it since I got to see my mom.

We had a little misunderstanding of the time I needed to pick her up, so I thought I had more time than I did. I used the little bit of extra to hit the gym before heading to the airport. The drive there wasn’t so bad. However, the plane ended up getting there at the originally scheduled time, so Mom had to actually wait for me to get there.

I couldn’t find a parking space and by the time I got there, I really had to use the restroom. I ended up parking in the fire lane, locking the car with the flashers on, and running in to find a bathroom. I expected to come back to find an airport cop giving me a ticket. Not going to lie…I was going to gladly pay if it meant not peeing my pants. But I got lucky, and there was no ticket and no tow.

I finally found Mom and we headed out, stopping at BK for lunch. I got a little lost in Coffeyville because we didn’t have a planned meeting address, and the GPS took me 12 miles out of the way for some reason.  We finally found my grandma and uncle and I sent Mom on her way to visit with them for the next few days. Jon and I are going to be there on Saturday night and Mom is coming back with us on Sunday.

The drive home was long and boring. I like driving, but I’m used to having Jon with me or having something mentally stimulating to listen to. All I had was music, and I ended up talking to myself a lot and making up new lyrics to the songs on the radio. Most of the lyrics had to do with the drive and being bored. I made a few bathroom stops and did some boredom munching. I considered stopping for a few quick geocaches, but it didn’t feel right doing it by myself.

I finally got into Manhattan to pick Jon up and head home. I was exhausted, but still managed to do a couple UfYH challenges and get a shower before crashing out.

This morning I was up extra early so we could stop and pick up juice and milk for a work breakfast spread. Work stress for the day was about a 3.

I took a walk on lunch, so Jon and I decided to do some geocaching for our evening activity. I found a cluster of caches along a nice walking trail at one of the local parks. It was breezy out, but we were able to get our walk and make some finds at the same time.

2013-10-16 17.47.53 2013-10-16 17.48.01

One cache we found had been tore up by something, so we logged a “Needs Maintenance” on it. The other one took us down a birding trail. I think the trail would have been pretty had the day been sunny, but since it was overcast and getting dark, it was a little creepy.  Jon ended up finding the one in the woods, and while he was doing so, he found a creepy hole in the ground. He took this video of both finds.


I was tired before the week, and the weird terrain and tromping around in the tall grasses kicked my butt.  After finding four caches, we headed home, grabbed some dinner, and watched a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation.  My hip is bothering me tonight, so I think the rest of the evening is going to be spent with some ibuprofen, some Biofreeze, and some Paranormal Activity 4 which is now on Netflix.

Now for a hot shower.


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