First to Finds and Housecleaning

Jon and I had a bit of geocaching excitement today. I was working until 5 to cover phones, but a little after 4, I got a notification that 2 new caches were posted in Manhattan, one just a few blocks from where Jon works.

I messaged him and told him to get down there and find it. So he did and got his first FTF. He met another cacher there too, and they shared the First to Find.  I didn’t get to share in this event, but I’m glad that Jon got it. After work, I went to find it so I could log it, and we stopped for the other new one on the way home.

Since we decided to take a workout break to give my hip some rest time, I was planning to grab a few more caches, but we ended up just coming home. I knew I had to clean and pack, and I wanted to make some headway on my current knitting project.

Using the UfYH app, we cleaned the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. That included dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and giving a bleach treatment to a couple spots in the bathroom. It only took 40 minutes total. Admittedly, some stuff ended up in the back room, but that room needs some attention of its own and will likely be where we start the packing process.

That 40 minutes also included packing, so we just need to pack chargers and toiletries in the morning and we’ll be ready for the road. Working a full day means a late start, so probably not much geocaching on the way, but we’ll make do.

Now for the nightly shower…before I fall asleep in my recliner.


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