Ready to Drive Again

This is getting posted late, so it’s not really Saturday morning, but I liked the start of this post, so I just rolled with it.

It’s early and chilly on a Saturday morning, and I’m waiting for Jon to shower and dress before we head to Oklahoma. We’re getting a later start than I’d planned, but if the weather holds, we should still make good time.

Yesterday was dreary, rainy, and…yes….snowy. In the five years I’ve lived in Kansas, I don’t remember seeing snow this early. It didn’t stick in the city, and the roads were wet but not treacherous.

Work was a steady stress level of 5 because I was preparing for a four day weekend, so I had to make sure all my bases were covered. Otherwise, it was a pretty busy but chill day for me.

The drive to Rose Hill seemed longer than usual, but I think weather figured into that. We made a stop at a DQ for a bathroom break and then another one down the road to find some geocaches.

The first two were quick micros, one of them in a cemetery near the gravesite of 300 Russian Mennonites who had died of smallpox in the 1800s.


In hindsight, we should have got back on the road to RH, but caching is addicting, and my compass said we were less than a mile from the next one. Technically that was true, but to get a car there was a little sketchy.

We navigated muddy roads and narrow bridges to get to the cache spot, which was near a spring and water plant.



The compass took us up a stairway to a rocky ledge that just sort of ended. In the middle of that ledge, the compass basically told us we had to climb the rocks to get to the cache.

Needless to say, we didn’t find it. Even if we were in the shape to do it, the rain had made the rocks slippery, so it wouldn’t have happened this time around. Part of the area was really pretty, but it unsettled me. Too many horror movies maybe. There was also some offensive graffiti written on the rocks.

We stopped for dinner and made it to the house in time to relax and get some sleep before the trek to Oklahoma.


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