Writing, Knitting, and Zombies

Today was much better than yesterday as far as mood and depression went, but it was fairly uneventful.

I spent my lunch and break times writing my Nanowrimo story. Not going to lie…I’m way ahead. I’m happy about this because I’m hoping to have it done before Thanksgiving so I don’t have to worry about it while we’re in St. Louis. This one is a challenge, and I’ve gone from being really psyched about it to wanting to quit. But have no fear, I will push on.

After work, we walked the rec center and did zombie missions. I tested out the GPS tracker, but I think I’m going back to the accelerometer. I didn’t get any zombie chases. I did pick up quite a few supplies though.

I did some more knitting tonight and watched a couple movies. I had several requests in the office for knitted items, so I’m doing them as people bring me yarn. I’m having a hard time picking up some old projects, but I’ll get to them eventually.

I’m feeling a little sniffly and stuffy tonight, so I’m heading to bed in hopes of feeling better tomorrow. I don’t want to be sick for the weekend.


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