Jogging and a Trip to the Zoo

I felt okay when I woke up this morning other than a pain in my shoulder that’s been irking me for a couple days. I wasn’t as stuffy and dizzy as I’ve been the past couple days.  My plan was to take it easy, but I still wanted to get out and do something. We started out by finding a couple geocaches out in Belvue. We had planned to go for a few more, but hunger and the need to find a restroom cut those plans short.

The nearest restroom happened to be at the rec center, so since we were there anyway, I snuck in a supply mission on Zombies, Run. I did it with zombie chases. I didn’t do walk/fast walk…I did walk/jog. That’s right. It wasn’t a lot of jogging. In 20 minutes, I only got two chases which are only a minute each. But it’s a start. It was also enough for me to see how jogging is way more fun than walking.  I’m thinking the zombies will be a good way to ease into eventually training to jog a 5k. The only issue I really had from that little bit of jogging was that it made whatever has been wrong with my hip worse, so I spent the rest of the day limping around.

We had lunch at Subway because I love me a Subway tuna sub, then we went to the Sunset Zoo to stroll around and visit our animal friends.

Colobus monkeys, with Kasasa, the newest baby. His current hobby was jumping on the heads of the older monkeys.
Like many of the animals today, the hyenas were having none of the excitement of the zoo visitors. They just wanted to nap.
This pic is harder to see, but that’s an otter in a cereal box. He wore it has a hat for awhile.
Red Pandas are adorable…especially when they smile at you like that. Okay…adorable and a little creepy.
The newest addition to the bobcat family. The others were sleeping. She had to play all on her own.

We put in some reading time at the library, grabbed a snack at the gas station, then went to gaming.  Now I’m off to shower, get ready for tomorrow, and ice my hip. I’ll be making an appointment with the chiro this week (something I probably should have done a week ago).

Have a great start to another week, everyone.


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