New Glasses and Olive Garden

I got sidetracked last night with my current knitting project and went to bed without posting. However, not much of note happened. The day went by really fast for a Monday. I think the highlight was probably free dinner from our gym. It was member appreciation day, so they brought in Cox Bros. BBQ for dinner.

Yes, you read that right. Tasty BBQ. At the gym. But in all honesty, it wasn’t anything unhealthy. It was carbs and protein, and it was good to eat right after a workout.

Today wasn’t as fast, but I got a lot accomplished at work. My new glasses came in today, so we swung by and picked those up. They’re pretty similar to my old ones in how they look, but the non-glare coating is pretty boss, and night driving was really easy tonight.

The gym was next. With the weather getting cold, I think we’ll be there more. Which means if I want to do more jogging, I’ll have to make friends with the treadmill. Not sure how I feel about that.

We had another geocache event tonight, this one a dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate 11/12/13, which is really just a good excuse to have an event. I think Jon and I had only been to this OG once before, so this was kind of a treat for us.


There were a lot of cachers there, and I’m pretty sure we got told by management to quiet down. I’d planned for an entree, but they let us do the soup/salad/breadstick thing for dinner, so we happily did that. The chicken gnocchi soup was so good!

It was late when we got home, so I just showered and am now getting ready to settle in with some pre-sleep reading.

Until tomorrow…


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