Monday Blues

One of my first thoughts this morning was that I didn’t know why I’d bothered to rest all weekend, because my hip was still sore. This led to a few hours of bitterness at a weekend wasted. However, a friend of mine gave me some perspective on it: had I not rested, the hip would have been much worse, so even a little bit of healing was better than none at all. I can totally see this. It’s just me wanting to be well again so I can do what I want to do.

To be honest, the hip isn’t as bad as it was last week, and the rest probably was good for it. I think Monday just brought a round of depression with it, some of which may have been brought on by the lack of activity this weekend. I survived the day, though, and I made it to the gym this afternoon for a quick 20 minute session that actually felt really good. I can do my machine without my hip hurting, and it actually seemed to relieve the stiffness. I’m remaining hopeful that everything will be in working order for St. Louis.

Besides that, the only really exciting thing was that I broke 50,000 words for Nanowrimo. Now I just have to keep up the momentum and see if I can’t at least give myself a fighting chance in the Marissa Meyer contest.

Going to take a shower and call it an early night. This might be a fairly uneventful week, but hopefully I’ll make up for it next week. So excited for our trip!


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