Vacation Kick Off

As of 4:30pm yesterday, I’m officially on vacation!

Last night was another late one. After chilling at the Szel Tower for horror movie night, I was feeling pretty sleepy. I picked Jon up from the game store and we headed over to the Forsh house to hang with Rylee for the weekend.

2013-11-23 21.50.07
“I am the coolest dog in the world. Seriously.”

Though sleeping in was an option, my mind decided it wanted to wake up at 6:30 and not go back to sleep. So I got up, made a cup of coffee, and worked on my Nanowrimo project. I kicked out about 2,000 words before deciding it might be fun to take a walk around the neighborhood. In all the times we’ve stayed to pet sit, I’ve never taken advantage of the sidewalks around the neighborhood. It would figure I’d decide to finally do it when it was bitterly cold outside.  

After I finished the walk and showered, it was really hard to get motivated to go back out in the cold. Originally, we’d planned on going geocaching, but the temperature wasn’t very motivating, so we decided to stick with indoor activities. We might have opted to just stay at the house, but we had some things to do in preparation for the trip, so we ventured out, starting things off with a  late breakfast/early lunch at IHOP.

IHOP is always so good in theory, but I’m consistently disappointed with something, usually the service. Today wasn’t horrible, though. My fruit wasn’t as fresh as I’d hoped, but my soup and sandwich made up for it.

We headed to the Jiffy Lube for an oil change and the Flint Hills Discovery Center to see the current art exhibit. We attempted to figure out something else to do, but we ended up coming back to the house, where I played on Pinterest, deciding it was okay to use some of the day to accomplish nothing.

I climbed these by choice. Thirty two steps without getting winded. Win.
I climbed these by choice. Thirty two steps without getting winded. Win.

Later in the evening, we went out for a gym trip. I was hungry but didn’t want to eat dinner before going to the gym, so we opted for a hot cocoa and a shared bagel for some pre-workout fuel at Hastings. The gym, when we got there, was pretty quiet, so I took the opportunity to do something I’ve been talking about for awhile now: I did the elliptical. I forgot how much I love that machine. The last time I tried it, I barely eeked out five minutes. This time I made it to ten, and it was a fast ten. I stopped at the ten minute mark in an effort to not overdo it. However, several years ago when I’d worked my way up to the elliptical, I started with ten minutes and was kicking it up to a half hour within a month. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen this time, but I’m going to try. That ten minutes felt like the best gym session I’ve had in a long time, which means I need to step it up to make my workouts count when I’m there. Here’s to hoping I’m back in elliptical shape because I really do enjoy it, and unlike my recumbent stepper, every gym I’ve ever been to or seen has an elliptical.

We finished the night off with a catch-up session of American Horror Story: Coven. There are no words. The show just keeps getting weirder and more disturbing and I love every minute of it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be about five degrees warmer. No definitive plans except our Pathfinder game, and gaming is always subject to change. I think we’re just going to play it by ear and roll with our Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


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