Only Tuesday

I wasn’t going to blog tonight. I’m feeling a major lack of motivation to do much of anything and nothing much happened today. But in the end, I decided to go ahead and kick out a post, just for the heck of it.

Today was our holiday food day at work, so that was exciting. I had meetings and expenses to keep me busy, so the day went relatively quickly. I was fried by the end of the day, which means I held some end of the day tasks for tomorrow, when I’m assuming they’ll feel much easier. Some of the stuff I’m doing right now is a challenge because my training was fast, but I have faith that I can do it.

After work, we mailed some packages to various people and then came home, deciding to take a rest tonight. My thigh was bothering me. I seem to have all the issues on the left side of my body, and the pain that was previously in my hip has moved downward. I figured it could stand a day of rest.  I worked on a knitting project, caught up on some email, did an Influenster review, and started watching “Cheers.”  I also did some mindless things, like Pinning things on Pinterest  and playing Candy Crush Saga.

It’ll probably be another early night. I’m currently reading a book that I’m really enjoying, so my evening reading sessions have turned into “can’t put the book down” sessions rather than “this is going to put me to sleep” sessions. Yes, I used the word “sessions” three times in one sentence. I have no inner thesaurus, which makes me glad I did an early revision of my book.

Out for the night.


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