Two Days of Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day. Mine was really mellow, as planned. To be honest, my Day After Christmas was more eventful. Either way, it was nice having two days off to just relax and do what we wanted to do without thinking about work (yeah, I know that’s what weekends are for, but an extra weekend never hurts).

After staying up until about 2am on Christmas Eve, I had a hard time waking up on Christmas morning. I finally got up and showered, and after packing up our things, we rolled on out. Our first mission was to find some breakfast. IHOP was open, but they were packed, so we went to Denny’s instead. Our breakfast experience started a little shaky. Our greeter followed her less-than- sincere “Merry Christmas” by telling us that she wasn’t happy because she had to work. but not to tell her boss. While I’m assuming she was trying to be funny…and I understand not wanting to work on Christmas Day…that’s not great customer service.

Our waitress was better and the food was pretty good. As a Christmas gift, we tipped the waitress fifty percent. Our service on the way out was much better, as the guy who rang us up was very friendly and a lot more sincere in his well wishes.

We had a little bit of time to kill, so we tried to find a geocache on campus, but the snow made it impossible. We finally ended up going to the movies, where I made some family calls before we went inside. The weather was nice, so I didn’t mind sitting in the car. Eventually we made it into the theater and saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I liked it, especially the parts with Smaug. That dragon is pretty awesome. I mean, sure, he’s the bad guy…but he’s classy about it. And he’s a dragon, so it’s to be expected, right?

After the movie, we made it to the gym. There were only a couple other people there, so I walked laps and did a zombie mission with the chases, which meant getting over my fear of running around other people. That part didn’t end up being so bad. Doing laps around a circular track was tedious though, even with the zombie mission. I’ve come to the conclusion…and this will surprise anyone who knew me when I was younger…that I much prefer to be outdoors.

The evening was spent finishing out my Christmas calls, watching some Cowboy Bebop (I’ve never seen it before but have heard good things), playing on the internet, and reading.

This morning I slept in, then started the day with some reading, a shower, and then some revision on my book. I also earned some Influenster badges and played Candy Crush. Once Jon got up and got dressed, we headed to town. We had to make a bank deposit, and then we went to Olive Garden for lunch. Our original plan had been to do the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks, but the Tastes of Italy menu lured us in.

2013-12-26 11.48.31

These were like Italian tapas. We got an order of chicken meatballs and a dish that I can’t remember the name of, but was cheese filled bow ties with a parmesan sauce and bacon. They were both delicious, as was everything else. Also, our waiter was awesome! Very friendly and very attentive without being too invasive. To continue our Christmas trend, we tipped him well. We can’t afford to do that every time we go out, but it felt good to do it when it was deserved.

To help with that post-lunch full feeling, we walked over to Best Buy where we picked up a Chromecast as our Christmas present for this year.  We walked back to the car, then went first to the farm supply store to browse jeans, then to Goodwill to see if I could find any newish walking shoes. We were going to go to the movies, but opted instead to go to the library and then home. I’m currently on a Meg Cabot kick, specifically her Boy trilogy, and I needed to get the second  book.

Though we were going to go walk the track, we didn’t make it. When we got home, I was feeling sore and sick, so we just came in and chilled for the evening. Jon played with the Chromecast, and I read (and actually finished) the book I checked out. Since we were kind of tired of chicken nuggets and hadn’t gone to the grocery store, we ordered Gambino’s. The one in Wamego has never messed up my order…until tonight. They sent my pasta with white sauce instead of red sauce, and I hate white sauce in general, but I especially hate the Gambino’s white sauce. To me, it has no flavor and the richness of it nauseates me.

I can be a brat, especially when it comes to disappointing food experiences. Instead of having them bring me a correctly made dish, I just got bratty and sulked for two hours. They added a credit to our account for next time, but that did me no good tonight. Jon now has lunch for tomorrow though. I did finally break down and had Jon make me some chicken nuggets because I was getting sick from not having food, but I’m still a little bit sulky about it. I probably shouldn’t have blogged about it…now I’m just mad again.

Also, Netflix doesn’t seem to be working. Which I guess is okay. It’s nearing my bed time, and I can’t be up late tonight since I have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s Friday, which means I’m looking at another weekend, but it’s annoying to have to go in at all. Of course, if I wake up feeling worse than I do right now, I might not make it in anyway. I’m achy and a little stuffy. However, I just randomly get those symptoms once a week or so, and then I wake up feeling fine, and I’m sure this time will be no different.

On that note, I’m going to drag my tired and ornery butt to bed. Looking forward to this weekend and hoping the sun sticks around long enough to melt some snow so we can get out and enjoy some quality fresh air.


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