Alphabetical Grocery Shopping

While I can’t pinpoint anything major that happened today, it was a day filled with a bunch of little thing that kind of made everything a-ok. Lately, I’ve felt pretty edgy. Between winter depression, work changes,  and waiting for Jon to hear something positive on the job front, I’ve had a hard time relaxing. Today was good because I was able to enjoy and appreciate the good bits and pieces.

1. I got up early and got a prime parking spot at work.

2. A friend has offered to help us fix our car.

3. Imperial Garden for lunch and quality friend time is a great combination.

4. Two people told me I inspired them to do something with nothing more than a random post on social media.

5. Jon and I bought actual groceries, and though the initial investment was more than we’re used to spending, we broke it down and did the math and were able to see the money we’ll be saving by not eating out as much.

6. I was able to help my dad with his taxes (now we wait to make sure they’re accepted).

Plus, tomorrow’s Friday…always a bonus.

The title of this blog refers to something kind of silly Jon and I did tonight. The wind in Kansas was super high today, and though the temp itself wasn’t bad, that wind chill was bitter, which meant no outside walk. Though we did have the option to go to the gym, we also knew we needed to pick up groceries. To kill two birds with one stone, we decided to get more steps out of our shopping trip by doing Alphabetical Grocery Shopping.

Basically, I updated my original “by aisle” grocery list to add any last minute things we needed, copied it into an excel file, and sorted alphabetically. Then I transferred that to my Evernote, and we shopped the store by getting the items in alphabetical order. This was seriously hilarious and just as completely inefficient as it sounds. We made several trips back and forth across the store, and only “cheated” twice at the very end by grabbing items on endcaps instead of going to the aisle section where they were located.

Between shopping and checking out, the whole process took us about 45 minutes (which is slightly longer than our normal walks and takes into account stops and starts). It also earned us each about 3,000 more steps, which pushed me over my daily goal. I didn’t do as much hall walking at work today, so doing this on a normal day would have put me well over 10,000 steps.

I don’t know if any other shoppers were paying enough attention to notice how silly we were, but it was actually kind of fun, and a pretty good way to get more activity by doing something we had to do anyway. We spent a lot of time laughing about how ridiculous it was, which just added to the fun factor.

I’m pretty sleepy tonight. I don’t think I cried today, but my eyes have that slight burn-y feeling I get when I do. I think I’m going to call it an early night and lay down to read for a little bit. Also…this images pretty much sums up my thoughts on tomorrow:


Be prepared to get down, my friends.


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