New Title, New Look

I decided to go ahead and take baby steps towards changing the look and theme of this blog. Since I don’t update on a daily basis, the Daily Grind no longer fit. And let’s face it…most of what I’ve been posting has been book reviews. So even though there are already a ton of book bloggers out there, I decided I’d go ahead and dedicate this space to reviewing the books I read, though I’ll keep up with the short blurbs about what’s been happening because I kind of like doing that, just to keep it personal.

I’m also going to play around with some new layouts and try to find my blogging/reviewer voice, so bear with me. I’ll still have my account at Goodreads, and I’ll probably even just publish my GR reviews here some of the time. At some point, I’m going to change the web address of this blog and redirect so it will save all my old ones. I hope this is a simple process. I want to keep the old stuff, and I didn’t want to lose any readers by making a whole new blog. So here goes nothing.


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