Romancing the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

I’ve loved this series so much, but I wasn’t as excited to read this one as I have been the others. It follows a second chances trope, and for some reason, that trope just doesn’t grab me. That wasn’t going to deter me from reading it though, especially because I have one more book to go before I move on to the Billionaires and Bridesmaids spinoff trilogy.


One-Sentence Synopsis
After a decade of regret about losing the woman he loved, a billionaire reunites with her to set off on a treasure hunt left by her dead father, desperate to win her back despite the fact that she hates him. For a full synopsis, see this book’s Goodreads page.

The Good Stuff
I ended up really enjoying this one. Violet is hardcore about carrying a grudge, as she’s maintained one against Jonathan for a decade. To be fair, it’s a pretty deep one and borne of both heartache and tragedy. Of course there’s a major misunderstanding, but even with that, Jonathan isn’t held faultless for the fact that he lost her. I liked that they both made mistakes and that it caused them both pain. I’m apparently a character sadist.


I may have mentioned it before, but when written well, a hero who gets sappy over a woman is seriously the best thing ever. Jonathan is still so completely in love with Violet and he’s tormented by the fact that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. My heart seriously broke for the poor guy. Yet at the same time, I was also saying, “You go, Violet. Make him work for it.”

The Romance Factor
Nothing says romance like a man who cries over the woman he wants. I’m also somewhat of a fan of miscommunication when done in the name of angst, and there is a nice chunk of that in this story. Oh the drama. The delicious drama. 5/5

The Steam Factor
I covet Jessica Clare’s ability to write hot sex scenes. The detail and the intensity are always amazing, and though there wasn’t as many sexy times in this one as there have been in others, it was still highly blush inducing. 5/5


Final Thoughts
While not my favorite, I think this book held up well to the series, and even though second chance love isn’t my thing, it definitely gave it originality among the other stories. It’s going on the shelf for when I want to re-read the whole series.

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