Book Review: No Interest in Love by Cassie Mae

I’ve only read a handful of road trip novels, but I usually enjoy them. Also, they’re super romantic. Though in the case of this story, they’re also really stressful, a little scary, and definitely full of bad luck.


I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

One-Sentence Synopsis
An actor and his agent try to get to an audition for a role that would also get him a hook up with a Hollywood starlet, but everything that can go wrong on the road does. For a full synopsis, see this book’s Goodreads page.

Pop Culture Extravaganza
It’s hard to put into words how much I loved this book. It was the perfect blend of romance and comedy, with a ton of fun pop culture thrown in. I know I’ve questioned the use of pop culture references in the past, because who knows if they’re still going to be relevant in a few years? But honestly, the more books I read that have them, the more I like it. It helps me connect with the characters, and I get excited when there are references I know.

No Commitment, No Worries
Jace Carver is a struggling actor, known for a role he played in a SyFy original movie. But when his agent gets him an audition with one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, not only does he want the part, but he also wants what goes along with the part…the chance to sleep with a woman well known for sleeping with her male leads. He has no interest in being an relationship, so a fling with no strings is his holy grail. Sure, he’s kind of a douche, but then you find out how much he loves his grandma, and you know he’s going to turn out okay.


Internet Famous
Shay Kwak is Jace’s agent. She also happens to be well known because she became an internet meme during college…thanks to Jace. The two knew each other before they started working together and have an interesting history of randomly finding themselves in the same place at the same time. She’s no nonsense, sarcastic, driven, and hates that everyone knows her as Elmo Girl.

Fury Road: A Love Story
On their way to Jace’s audition, bad weather leads to a series of bad luck. Jace and Shay find themselves trying to get to their destination with no money, very few clothes between them, and a working relationship that seems to involve them arguing every chance they get. It also involves losing credit cards down a storm drain, sneaking onto a train, and hitchhiking.

A Guy’s Perspective
The story is almost completely told from Jace’s point of view. I kept waiting for it to switch to Shay’s point of view so I could figure out what she was thinking. It never did, and while I would have expected that to drive me nuts, I liked not knowing what Shay was thinking, especially because at times, it meant not knowing how she was going to react to things Jace did.


Getting Close & Closer
The interaction between Jace and Shay was amazing and paced well. They went from professional colleagues to friends to more (no spoiler there since it’s a romance novel) in a matter of days, but it still feels realistic in that romantic movie sort of way. I was drawn in by their goofiness and Jace’s attempts to stay positive, so if there was anything that I should have questioned, I either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Plus, they had some cute quirks, like Jace’s lucky Marvel pants and their shared love for both Wolverine and How I Met Your Mother.

The Romance Factor
Jace’s progression and the way he starts to feel about Shay was adorable.  The foreplay in this book went on forever and it was awesome. I’m not talking about the kind of foreplay where there’s loads of sexual tension and you feel they’re dragging things on more than they need to. Knowing that these were the book’s leads, every single thing they did kept me wondering when they were going to kiss. Just kiss! It took forever, but it made it so romantic. 5/5


The Steam Factor
I really had to think about the SF score for this one. There’s not many sex scenes at all, though Jace does talk quite a bit about his penis. When things do finally start going that way, there’s not much erotic description. In fact, it’s fairly tame in comparison to some of the other things I’ve reviewed.  But there is so much buildup that things still feel really hot. Plus, Jace and Shay have fun during sex, and that alone makes it hot because while a lot of books show people in enjoying sex, few show the main characters letting themselves be goofy about it. 3/5

Final Thoughts
There is so much more about this book that I could go on about. It was well written, the characters were fun, and the sweetness wasn’t overdone. Plus, even though sex didn’t figure in heavily, I feel that the way it was shown was very sex positive and portrayed in a way that shows that sex isn’t always perfect, that sometimes silly things happen, and it’s okay to just roll with them. If Cassie Mae’s books are all as good as this one, I’m going to be in reader’s heaven going through her catalog.

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