Review Policy & General Practice

This blog is something I do for fun as a hobby and as a way to share books with people online. Though I have accepted requests by authors in the past to read and review their books, moving forward I will most likely NOT be taking any unsolicited requests.

  1. I currently have a huge backlog of books I would really like to get through.
  2. I do reviews for NetGalley, which takes up a good amount of time and is the one galley service I’ve more or less committed to doing.
  3. I don’t like feeling like I have to do something. I work full time and have interests outside of reading and blogging that I enjoy pursuing. Hence my schedule is full and I’m not in a place where I can schedule many more requests.

Having said that, I am open to reading and reviewing books that fit my favorite tropes and themes. What are these tropes and themes? If you read my blog, you’ll know. No, I’m not trying to force anyone to read the blog. I’m happy putting stuff out there for the 13 people that do follow it. The reason I say this is that I’ve recently received several solicitations asking me to read and review books that are not even in my main genre.

While I do sometimes read other genres, I probably won’t entertain any requests other than those that are for books specifically romance.

Please feel free to send a request via Twitter or Goodreads if you think you have an amazing novel that I would love, and it will be considered. However, please be aware that I will likely only answer back if I’m interested.

Thank you!