Walking, Gaming, and Frozen Yogurt

It was another crazy work day, but I got a lot done, maintained sanity, and met some of our co-workers from the UK.

Today was a walk day, so we went to the mall to get back into our C25K training. It’s been a couple weeks, and I was not feeling up to the physical activity.  We managed to get the whole session done, but I had to take some breaks. This was one of those workouts that just wore me out instead of energizing me, too. I don’t think we needed a break from exercising, I think we just waited too long between walks.

We ended up hanging out and playing some games with friends tonight, a social engagement we had to sneak in on this already busy week. I played Dixit for the first time and really enjoyed it. Then we pulled out Cards Against Humanity, a game I could play for hours.

Before the night ended, we made a trip to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt. I had originally wanted chocolate, but it was “no sugar added,” which usually means aspartame or sucralose; one makes me sick and I can’t stand the taste of the other most days. Instead, I went with a pineapple, banana, and orange blend with strawberries to mix in. So good!

That ended our night, so we stopped to get water and came home. I’m tired, and I don’t think it’s going to take me long to fall asleep once this is done. Doing a phone post, so no pics or links, but I’ll try to make up for that later. Tengaicon this weekend, and I hope to have a good post for the event.


Friends and Munchkin

Friends and Munchkin

Munchkin is one of my favorite card games. This is the scene from a game with friends last Saturday night. I need to remember not to play games when I’m tired, though. Also note the slinky and Spanish/English dictionary…an early birthday gift from one of my friends. Good times, all around.