Shaking Off Some Dust

I’m brushing a little bit of dust of this blog, at least for purposes of getting some words down and possibly getting my online presence back up and running. I’ve been derailed over the few months by an increase in social activity and continued nesting in our apartment (which I still love).


I’m still not sure what the main focus of this blog is going to be, but honestly? Maybe I don’t really need a focus. I’m not sure if being internet famous is important to me, and I kind of just want to chronicle the things I do, the movies I watch, the books I read…all that stuff.

I’ve been trying to balance a busy schedule against taking care of my mental self and giving my introversion the chance to recover after days of being around people. I rebounded after we moved from Wamego. After two years of not doing much of anything because of the drive, once we got to Manhattan, I decided to do everything. I joined a writer’s group, attended knitting group (which I haven’t gone to in awhile, but mostly because I haven’t had the knitting bug), got involved with some new gaming groups, and started planning more social get-togethers.

It’s been awesome.

There are also some big changes about to happen, but I’m not going to talk about them in this blog post, at least not the specific ones. Let’s just say that 2014 has been an interesting year. With the start of 2015, it’ll be time to get back into some of the things I need to get back into, like a consistent activity schedule and taking stock of spending and budgeting, which I’m still doing okay at, but which I feel can be improved upon greatly.

That’s enough dust shaking for now.


The Lows and Lows of Moving

The Felbster and I are currently in the process of moving. It’s a process I hate. This doesn’t make me a special snowflake since I assume most people hate to move, even if they’re moving somewhere better.

We’ve been “preparing” for months, but we’re still feeling rushed towards the end. Many boxes are packed and some already moved to the new place. Internet and renter’s insurance have been canceled. We’ve lined up help from family and friends. Still, it feels like this big ball of relocation is just rolling right over me.

The sad part is, I don’t do nearly as much as everyone else. Sure, I take a few bags up the stairs. But I go at the pace of a turtle and make about one trip to everyone else’s three. Our current place is a basement apartment, so we contend with one set of stairs when taking stuff to the car. Our new place is a second floor apartment so we contend with 2 flights of stairs getting everything into the apartment.

Stairs and I are starting to be okay with each other, but we’re a long way from being BFFs.  Luckily, J is okay with doing the bulk of the unloading as long as I do most of the unpacking.

Besides the physical, there’s also a mental exhaustion. There are things to update: address, bills, driver’s license, etc. At this point, I haven’t even completed my mail forwarding form because I can’t find the address of our new place because I’m pretty sure I accidentally packed the lease document.

I currently have a stack of mail that needs to be handled, but with everything kind of a mess, I don’t have the energy to get them all together and go through them.

Because most of our kitchen stuff is packed up, cooking feels way too hard, so we’re trying to cheaply eat out until we get settled. This is probably not a good idea for so many reasons, but it is what it is, and dollar menus are everywhere these days.

Ever since we signed the new lease, I’ve also had bouts of anxiety where I wonder if we’re making the right move (we will now have a short commute to school and work), if we’re going to be able to afford everything (we’ll be spending more in gas and will have utilities to contend with), and how I’m going to decorate and organize (the space is bigger than what we have now, but it’s still considered small).

Even with all that, underneath the nerves and the work and the stress, I still think we’re making the right move. I’m ready for some small town living again, ready for some quiet, ready for a new space even with it’s challenges.

I’ll just be glad when the transition is made.