Winter’s Peeking In

Today, it was cold.

It seems to have come on pretty sudden.  A couple weeks ago we were having 90 to 100+ temperatures, and today it dropped considerably. Right now, it’s 52 degrees and possibly raining. My Weather Channel desktop says it’s raining, but I can’t always trust it. And I’m not going outside to check  because there are people having a shouting fight upstairs and there’s no way I’m getting near that.

I used to love summer and I still prefer warmth to cold. The cold just makes me crabby (most of my friends are the opposite; the heat makes them irritable).  But this time of year is awesome, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really grown to appreciate it. When I lived in Michigan, I hated fall because it was nothing more than the gateway to snow and ice.  I don’t know if it’s because the winters are milder in Kansas, but I’m completely loving this season right now.

Fall means warm drinks and the holidays. It means Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas preparations (I went several years ignoring the holidays, but I’m excited about them again this year). Chef Felber makes some awesome chili, and once fall sets in, it’s like an open invitation to make chili, eat chili, share chili with your friends, make chili houses with little Frito Lay stick people…okay, maybe not that, but you get the picture. It’s chili and warm soups and crock pot meals and hot apple cider.

It’s the season to start knitting again and to drive around and look at the leaves. For my husband, it’s classes and midterms. For me, it’s the yarn hop, plans to visit family, and a reason to break out my knock off “snuggy.”  It’s football season, too, which I never follow, but will inadvertently find myself in a situation to watch a game on TV and will then proceed to get into it like I’m Team X’s number one fan.

Today I lunched in my car, something I’m considering doing all winter long as a means to get away from work and clear my head. I started with the windows down, but they eventually went up due to the chill. I chatted with SV for a half hour, then knit for a half hour. I still wasn’t prepared for the lower temperature when I got out of the car to head back into work, but I wasn’t hating it either.

I just hope that we don’t fall right into snowy times, and that Mom Nature gives us a few more weeks of this.

(Also, the shouting seems to have died down, but someone is stomping around above us…or moving a body. Not sure which).