Crabby and Crashing

The day was busy but not as intense as I expected it to be, at least not in my corner of the office.  However, the day as a whole was pretty boring.

Jon registered us for the MtG tourney in OKC at the beginning of October, so I’m committed now. It’ll be fun.

The night took a turn for the lazy when we went against our previous plans and called tonight a rest night. So no gym. Which would have been okay, except Domino’s messed up my pizza and gave me cheese, not ham like I ordered. They credited us for two free larges next time we order.

Doesn’t make tonight’s dinner any less disappointing. I know, I’m being bratty about it. I’ll get over it like I’ve gotten over all my other recent disappointing meals.

I’d better go to bed and sleep off some of this crabbiness.


Downward Slide Into Madness

The title kind of describes my evening, though not as literally as one might think or hope.

My day was okay, but it was one of those days where tiny little annoyances started piling. There is a lack of professionalism in people who rank higher than me that I find disturbing.  Most days I just suck it up and deal with it, but today it was especially difficult.

After work, Jon and I decided to eat first, then go to the gym. Of course, after we ate, we decided to wait awhile to let the food settle, so we went to the library to read for an hour. But once we were done there, we ended up skipping the gym due to stomach issues. In hindsight, I guess we should have tried to go for a little bit, because that set my mood for the night.  I realize that a day off isn’t a huge deal, and I know that my weird fear that a day of rest will cause me to backslide is unfounded, especially since I’ve taken many rest days.  I also know that it’s really hard to work out with an upset stomach. Still, it just made me feel yucky and put me in a funk for the rest of the night.

This then meant that other little things continued to hammer the nail of crabbiness. Like when Jon pointed out that my favorite drinking cup had cracked and was no longer usable. Or when Netflix didn’t bring  our queue up right way (incidentally, the queue is now called “My List,” which I suppose means I’m supposed to make my own list, but I’m not going to. I’ve invested too much time in the current one).  By that point, I just felt like a lump, so I finished a movie that I didn’t even enjoy.

I ended the night watching Hobo with a Shotgun. There is a very small, very select group of people I would recommend this movie to, and it does not include anyone in my family (sorry, Mom. This one may be a little bit much for even you).  The idea of doing a modern movie in late 70s cinema style was interesting, and the premise was interesting, if not a tad dark. The gore level was through the roof, and while some gory movies can be fun when they’re over the top, this one was over the top, yet still disturbing. The term “torture porn” comes to mind.  I gave it more stars than the one I finished before it, but that’s mainly from the one liners that would actually be pretty fun to drop into every day conversation if I had the mad retention skills of my husband and could remember any of them (the only one I can remember involves the f-bomb, and I like to keep this blog fairly clean).

Now that the day feels wasted, I suppose I’ll shuffle off to bed. My shoulder is bothering me, so ibuprofen and biofreeze are in order.

One last note: Ben Affleck was apparently picked to play Batman in the 2015 movie. While the rest of the internet rages, I’m only hoping that his Batman voice won’t be worse than Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Because seriously…nails on a chalkboard.

Tomorrow’s Friday. That means it’ll be a good day, right?