Zombie Gaming

Last weekend we had a zombie themed game day with friends.

We started the afternoon out with a new game our friends picked up.

I'm sure a board game can effectively prepare us for the zombie apocalypse
I’m sure a board game can effectively prepare us for the zombie apocalypse

The game is timed and only goes so many rounds, but there are ways to make it different each time you play, namely by choosing different characters, playing with a different number of people, and flipping the board pieces for different locations.

Setting up the survivors…
…and bringing in the zombies!


There are no writing on the cards or characters other than the names. It’s all conveyed with the use of symbols so it can be played across different languages.

Second, we played Zombie Munchkin. Munchkin in general has become a staple of our gaming sessions, but the Zombie one is a little bit different because you play as the zombies trying to fight the humans. I wasn’t completely sold on it at first, but now I love it. IMAG0277

We finished off the night with some Left 4 Dead on the Xbox, and by “we,” I mean J. Felbs and Tony O. Originally we planned on a four person game, but then we found out that L4D doesn’t allow for four players. Which is all good, because after watching the first few minutes of the game, I realized that it wasn’t a game for me (I’m really slow and not accurate when it comes to first person shooters). But watching was fun, and I chilled with C and played some MtG instead.

Another successful gaming night in the books!

Gencon 2012: Full of Win

Our trip to Gencon this year almost didn’t happen considering our 2011 experience was less than wonderful. Physical issues, hotel and financial stress, gaming disappointment, and a general lack of enthusiasm last year had J. Felbs and I questioning if we were going to try it again. 

After looking at what did and didn’t work for us the previous year, we tweaked a few things and gave it another try, figuring that if it was another bad year, we’d try something new in 2013.

I’m glad we did. This year’s Gencon was our best (so far). We planned ahead for several games but still allowed ourselves time to wander the exhibitor’s hall. We stayed away from the downtown area hotels and chose a much cheaper one about ten minutes from the convention center.*  We splurged to park closer so getting to and from the con was no big deal, and I was already ahead of the game since I’d been working towards improving my physical walking abilities for the past year. We also planned things to allow for plenty of sleep and rest time.

Even when we were just sitting around, staying at the convention center gave us the chance to meet fellow gamers and people watch. For me, this is part of the fun of any convention. It also meant that we found things to do in the “down time,” like visit the paint and take station.

We played a bunch of new games and browsed things in the exhibitor’s hall. I got a new print, poster, and sketch from one of my favorite webcomic artists. I picked up a new system for a horror campaign I hope to run soon. I gamed with the creator of White Wolf and Vampire: The Masquerade. I passed Wil Wheaton in the corridor (even though I failed to meet him at the autograph station). 

This is only a short list of the good times we had. It’s hard to put into words all the little things that added up to such a great vacation. I know not everyone gets it, but Gencon has this sense of happiness and acceptance that I don’t find in many other places.  Almost everyone wants to be there. They want to talk to new people and try out new things.** It’s a great experience, and looking back at 2011, the only reason I didn’t have a good time was because of my own personal hangups. In 2012, I was able to let those go and just enjoy myself.

Gencon 2013 is definitely on our to-do list for next year.

*Most people find it better to stay closer. But being lazy by default, the closer I am, the more likely I am to just hole up in the hotel room. With the daily drive, I ensure that I’m going to stay in the convention center and experience the con as much as possible.

**I say almost everyone because I read of a few less than nice comments people at the con said in passing. There was also a woman in a scooter who was actually pretty mean to people in the convention corridor. It was kind of jarring to see someone so miserable in a crowd of happy people.

Best Pancakes Ever?

Best Pancakes Ever?

I suppose if I get into trouble for copyright picture shenanigans, I’ll take this down, but this menu cracked me up. Notice the price of those pancakes? 699.00??? Better be some damn good pancakes. I actually had the soup and sandwich and that only cost me 7 dollars.

Fun with typos…love it!

Planet Comicon 2012

Today was the day J. Felbs and I got our nerd on and went to Planet Comicon in Overland Park, KS.

We got there early and found good parking and didn’t have to wait in line long at all, which was partially due to pre-ordering our tickets. We spent some early morning time just chilling near the entrance where we were able to get some pictures of Star Wars cosplayers and check out some of the other costumes coming in. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures (admittedly, I was getting in some knitting-in-public time on the Trekkie hat). I did get this one of a couple younger cosplayers:

Then there was this guy, aptly named My Little Stormtrooper:

We sat in the atrium of the convention center for a bit, and at first it was relatively quiet. Then we were invaded.

We chilled for awhile longer and waited for the line into the exhibitor’s hall to go down. I’m not one of those people who need to be the first in the door, so I was more than happy to just wait until we could walk right in. We got in there before things got really nuts, which was nice. I picked up a discounted Dark Tower graphic novel right off the bat (couldn’t resist) then browsed the artists that were there.

One of the big highlights of my day was getting to meet Randy Milholland, the artist and creator of Something Positive, one of the webcomics I enjoy.  I bought a print and a ChooChoo Bear plushie, and Mr. M was nice enough to do three quick sketches for us, one for each of us of our favorite character and a third that he offered to do for a friend who couldn’t make it.

We also met the creator of Chew and got a signed print from him and the creator of The Oblongs who signed and did a sketch of Milo in the book I bought.  We picked up some other things that looked interesting too, so look for some future posts once I get acquainted with some new graphic novels.

We decided not to get autographs or pictures with the celebrity guests, partially because of budgeting and partially because of lines, but we did get to see a couple people from The Guild and Edward James Olmos from afar (EJO looked very stoic, I noted). We’d talked about staying for some panels but ended up leaving a little before 1 to find some lunch, cruise around town, and eventually come back to our hotel room.

The trip was definitely worth it. I had a blast at the con and we got some great prints I can’t wait to hang on the wall in our new apartment. I’d also like to note that I was able to walk the con for a full hour straight before sitting down, then another 45 minutes to an hour after we took a load of goodies to the car. I’m definitely feeling good and if this was practice for GenCon, I’m so ready.

Miles to Drive

Today, I got back from a weekend in Wichita.

That in itself isn’t really the exciting part, though it’s always nice to be home after being gone for a couple days.  I didn’t update all weekend (I didn’t take my computer and I wasn’t feeling Felberto’s netbook), so now I get to rehash all three days for your entertainment.  Granted, it wasn’t anything majorly exciting, but it was nice and fairly relaxing and I got to spend time with my husband and in-laws and that’s always cool.

We rolled out of town Friday afternoon after I got my back thumped by my chiropractor. The drive was uneventful, and I was sleepy by the time we got there. Felbington and Drew (the younger of my two brothers-in-law) were geared up for a midnight Magic: The Gathering event, but I was ready to cash in about five minutes after we pulled in. Dinner was hummus and Roasted Garlic Triscuits, and let me just say that I could seriously make at least one meal a day out of those RGTs.  Sure, this doesn’t sound like a huge dinner, but I wasn’t feeling great or overly hungry, so it was kind of perfect.

On Saturday, I took the car to the Suzuki dealer for an oil change and tire rotation. There were no surprise issues other than that I need to try to find a local place to do an alignment since it looks like I’m getting some uneven wear. The dealership was actually kind of quiet, so no guy dressed in a Shark suit this time, but we did have lunch and I got some knitting done.

After that, we decided to try a pottery painting place in Wichita called Color Me Mine. It wasn’t bad, but On the Pot remains at the top of our list. Drew painted a hippo bank, and Felbicasso painted a penguin. It was originally going to be the Warmheart Penguin from the Care Bear cousins, but I think he gave up and just did the heart on the tummy.

Hippo with a sunburn?
So cute!

I decided to do something simple, so I chose a bowl with “swoop” sides (I didn’t even know what that meant, but it’s what the label said when i picked the object). I picked three colors and at first thought I was just going to do some simple painting, no details or anything like that. As I was painting the border, one of the guys made the comment that it looked like a giant mouth, which then inspired me to do something kind of disturbing.

Blank canvas
Sure, the inside is green...but note the teeth...Oh yeah, that's a bottom lip
Creepy eyes are creepy!

I was kind of pleased with myself in a deranged way.

Later, we did some shopping. I actually found a pair of shoes and two new tops, and we got a new slow cooker since our favorite chili slow cooker broke earlier this year. We had Golden Corral for dinner and I won this time…I didn’t overstuff and feel sick afterwards. Take that, Golden Corral!

This morning we had brunch at Granite City  in Wichita. I opted out of the buffet and went with a cup of soup, small burger, and fruit. Even that was a little much, but it didn’t help that I tasted a few things from Felby’s plate. The food was excellent and I’d definitely like to try that place again.

On the way home, we stopped in Salina and picked up our turtle and gator.  I took a picture but the lighting was crap, so I’ll take another one when I get the chance. Which reminds me, I still owe a picture of that crazy mug.

All in all, I give the weekend a hearty two thumbs up.