Exploring MHK: Strecker-Nelson Art Gallery

The trip to Fort Worth really flipped a switch, and I’m riding it out until the switched gets flipped back the other way.
I didn’t think Manhattan had that many places to look at art and such. While the Manhattan Arts Center isn’t someplace I go for events, they do have regular exhibits that are fun to view. Beyond that, I thought most things were on campus, which is territory I’ve avoided for the most part. But upon doing some research, I found some really neat places.
Down on Poyntz Avenue is The Strecker-Nelson Art Gallery which houses a permanent collection for sale on the lower level and a rotating exhibit on the second floor. Not rotating as in it moves, but they change it out every 6-7 weeks.
Besides loving the art they had on display, I was thrilled with out friendly the people are. Not everyone in this town is friendly, and some places we’ve visited have had an air of pretentiousness that’s really off-putting. But the staff talked to us about the displays, about the art, and everyone greeted us warmly as we walked through.
  IMG_20130330_123720 IMG_20130330_125258IMG_20130330_123956  IMG_20130330_125601
I’m excited to make this gallery a regular stop to see new art and new exhibits. I recommend it as a spot to visit and as a source of presents for my upcoming birthday (just in case you were looking).

Good Weekend Times

http://instagr.am/p/WG9gK_QAkB/ I’m still trying to figure out a good and easy way to cross post to different blogs, so consider this another test to see how Instagram sharing goes. I’ve been trying to do a pic and post a day and sharing on FB, but I’d like to share through here and Tumblr too (but can’t seem to connect my IG and Tumblr accounts. Either way, this is a sample of the lovely art we saw at the gallery opening today (our first trip back to the MAC since we helped serve food as part of the now defunct writer’s group. I loved the art and am glad I actually went out and did something today instead of continuing my Weekends are for the Lazies trend. I mean, they are…but it was still nice to get out.