Tough Finds, Catching Up, and More Zombies

I feel like I have a ton of stuff to do and catch up on, but I can’t seem to get there. It probably didn’t help that I made a massive to-do list today, and just looking it at makes me tired.  I did finish the blog post about the first day of BOW, and it’s scheduled to post tomorrow morning some time. I’ll post the other ones throughout the week, probably. I just need to find some time to finish them and add pictures.

Yesterday after I got home from BOW, I met Jon and Andrew at Hastings. I had some water and coffee to try to get myself through the rest of the day.  I made the guys listen to my stories and look at all the swag I brought home from BOW, swag which is still in the bag, because that’s one of the things I have not yet crossed off the list.  After Andrew left, Jon and I had some time to kill before our gaming session, so we decided to go look for a geocache that we hadn’t been able to find before. I wanted to try again because my geocache and gps instructors at BOW had given me an idea, and I wanted to see if it was something like that.

It wasn’t. But as we were looking, the cache owner and another cacher came out and helped us find it. This one has never been found by anyone without help, though they said even with hints, we found it relatively quickly.  I spotted it and yes, it was extremely difficult. I suppose I might have found it eventually, but I can’t guarantee that. No spoilers (just in case)! Let’s just say it was a very cool cache.

The two were out walking their dog, a geopup with her own trackable. That was pretty awesome. It was fun to finally meet some other local cachers, and they took us down to another one in the area. This meant some more walking, which I did, even though I’d thought I was walked out. It was fun though, and I loved being able to snag a few caches in our down time.

Our Pathfinder game got started late, but it was all good. I did some knitting and got half eaten by the couch. It was around that time I had to finally take some Aleve because I was starting to feel some pain.  We grabbed a bite to eat after the game and came home, where I attempted to get some things done, but nothing really stuck. Things are still a mess.

Today was busy at work with catch up and what not. There were a lot of little annoyances that probably seemed major because I was tired. We did laundry. Jon had a test that went later than normal, so I grabbed the laundry and dropped some books off to be picked up by the silent auction winner of them from Tengaicon.  Once Jon was done, we grabbed some groceries and headed back to Wamego.

For exercise tonight, we decided to do another zombie mission. However, we did it wrong, and now we want to go back and do the last two the right way. Which we probably will. I guess I shouldn’t say we did it wrong. We just forgot to turn on tracking and zombie missions, so it was pretty much a walk listening to a story and some music. However, with that in mind, I’m kind of glad we went that route tonight. That track kicks my butt every time, and it started raining. My ankle was sore. It was a very slow walk for me. Hoping the next time I go out is better, because I really want to do these missions.

Gonna have to call it a night. I’m falling asleep at the computer. Here’s to getting more done tomorrow. Hopefully.