Casting Off and Massive Amounts of TV

In “I’m awesome and reached another monthly goal” news, I finished the baby blanket.  Towards the end there, I was carrying it everywhere, knitting up rows during social events, and trying to reconcile the size with my inner follower –knitter who said that it HAD to follow the dimensions on the pattern…no arguments!

But change makes the world go ‘round and I stopped before the blanket got monstrous. After binding off, I saw two things:  the blanket was definitely big enough and I’d purled when I should have knitted about halfway through the blanket.  That gives it personality, right?

On top of that, I could then see every single bad part about my cabling. But if I just glance at it, I think it’s pretty good. Unfortunately, I can’t share a picture yet.  My sister-in-law may or may not read this blog, and on the off chance she does, I want her to see the blanket for the first time when she gets it in the mail.

To get me through the knitting process, I’ve been watching a lot of TV, not counting movies. 

1.  American Horror Story – The creepy opening credits had me riveted every single time.  The show was good too. It amazes me the things FX can get away with. I especially liked the cameo appearances. If you want to like your TV characters, though, I don’t know if you’ll like this show. There are no heroic types.

2. The League – Another FX show, one that I find really funny, though I have to wonder how one group of people can be so horrible. Not sure if I liked S3 as much as I liked the first 2, but I liked the cameos (Jeff Goldblum and Seth Rogen, among them).

3. Face Off – I had to clarify to my mom that I wasn’t referring to the Cage/Travolta movie but to the SyFy reality show where makeup and effects artists compete for some money and even more makeup. The first season was awesome. Most of those people had talent and the stuff they turned out was great. Season Two…not so much. A couple of them have talent, but overall,  I haven’t been impressed. But the show is still entertaining and still going, so it has a few more episodes to redeem itself.

4. Scrubs – I’m flying solo for Season 8 for two reasons.  J-Felb burned out, getting more annoyed with the characters than I am. That’s the first reason. The second reason is that I’m only a few episodes in and have had my own personal cry-fests. I don’t know if the rest of the season is like that, but talk about turning on the waterworks. I’ve heard bad things about the final season, but it’s not that bad, in my opinion. 

There’s also been intermittent watchings of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone (Original Episodes), both of which I really enjoy, but they only hold my attention for so long. Tonight, we’re starting “Supernatural,” another show I’ve heard good things about but just never had much interest in. And in keeping with the way of things, I cast on for a pair of socks for my mom, so I won’t be without a project over the next run of television shows.

Mom doesn’t read my blog, so I might get away with some pictures if I can remember to take them.

NOTE: Yes, all my links are from IMDB. I realize this is kind of lazy, and there are those who may take issue with it. Too bad. I like to do things quick and easy, hence the reason I’m not a professional blogger. Party on!