No Labor Here

Today, I wasted the day playing Fable III.

Let me start off by saying that I did have options of  BBQs and hang outs and what nots, but Felber was working on homework and I just wasn’t feel social. Part of that was a headache and part of it was the blah feeling I get the day before heading back into the work week.

I had the best intentions of doing stuff at first, like cleaning or overtime, going to the gym, maybe baking something. It never panned out. Turns out that video games will suck time away faster than anything. I started playing Fable III on a whim around 10:30 this morning and didn’t stop until 7:30 this evening.

If you’re not familiar with the Fable games, it’s sort of a choose your own adventure video game in which you can decide to be good or evil. I think the outcome ends up being the same, but you get to the endpoint in different ways. In all three games, I’ve been good for the most part, except for the stealing, but it’s stealing pies from empty houses and selling them later or using them for sustenance while I fight. So completely justified!

I started this game a few months back then got out of it. Recently my BIL was playing it, and interest was renewed. Today just seemed like a good day to play.

I finished the game, at least. Even going the “good” route, you kind of get screwed because come to find out, you should have been evil in order to save more people. It made no sense.  The ending was fairly anticlimactic, and though I tried to go back and find some of the special items (keys, gnomes, treasure chests), it just isn’t the same once the game is over.  So I finally turned it off.

To at least make an effort to accomplish something, I tried to do some overtime work, but there were circumstances that kept me from doing that too. At least that one wasn’t my fault.

My addictive personality is usually kept under control, but once in awhile I let it have free reign. I suppose if there was a day to NOT worry about laboring, it’s Labor Day. And maybe I needed the break, because tomorrow is the first day of the week and I need to be ready to work my tail off again.